Mothers deserve flowers for Mother’s Day . Through every stage of our lives, our mothers had carefully ensured that we safely proceeded to the next. At birth, our mothers taught us to walk; at adolescence, our mothers taught us to interact with the world beyond the household. By adulthood, our mothers had become wise advisors and our closest companions. Our mothers deserve our gratitude, and Mother’s Day flowers are the perfect medium through which to express it.
Flower Explosion has a wide variety of fresh cut flowers, including sunflowers, red mini Gerberas, tulips, calla lilies, mini calla lilies, and fresh cut roses . We also house cymbidium orchids in hot and light pink, red, orange, and chocolate.
Perhaps most importantly, in line with the Mother’s Day tradition, we have a huge stock of carnation flowers , available in standard and mini; and in orange, peach, burgundy, and pink. With even multi-toned carnations like purple-yellow, our vast array is sure to house the perfect unique carnation for every special mother.
Also available are gifts boxes, which include fresh cut roses (in white, red, or yellow), chocolates, a soft teddy bear, and an optional glass vase. We’ll help you easily tailor the perfect present for your mom, be it a gift box, a bouquet of bright tulips, or a single, chocolate-shaded cymbidium orchid.
Mothers are truly exceptional creatures that probably deserve fresh cut flowers every day of the year. But since we aren’t perfect, the least we can do is show our appreciation with beautiful, fresh-cut flowers once a year, for Mother’s Day.
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February 13, 2013 — admin