The Fourth of July is nearly here! Time for patriotic songs, summer picnics, outdoor cookouts, Independence Day parades, and of course, fireworks! Fourth of July parties not only serve as celebrations of the birth of our nation, but also of the pinnacle of summer. Humidity has kicked in, fireflies abound, and it's time to gather with friends and family while waving the good ole’ red, white, and blue.
And speaking of red, white, and blue, if you are planning to host a Fourth of July party this year, you've surely bought your fair share of party decorations in these patriotic colors. If you want to really stand out as a Fourth of July party host or hostess, why not decorate your party with farm fresh flowers that appear to be as patriotic as all the guests in attendance. Flower explosion is your one-stop for all occasions especially this Fourth of July because this online florist proudly presents Independence Day flowers via our tinted roses.
Our Independence Day tinted roses are fresh cut white roses that are tinted with a special process to become a beautiful mix of red, white, and blue. The result is stunning, and we frequently hear from customers about what a hit these roses have been at their Independence Day parties. They claim that guest after guest comment on the roses’ beauty and uniqueness.
Our Independence Day tinted roses come in packages as small as 25 stems to as large as 300 stems, depending on the size of your party or event. If you are hosting a larger event, believe us when we say that these roses make quite a stunning impression. The stems are 50 to 60 cm, but you can order longer 80 cm stems if needed.
Roses have been around since 1776, making them a classic American flower. It makes sense, therefore, to have roses present at the celebration of our nation's Independence Day. To have them dyed to this spectacular medley of colors reflects further patriotism, not to mention a touch of fun and merriment. This Fourth of July, let there be explosions in the sky as well as explosions of color strewn about your party. Order your red, white, and blue roses today!
June 10, 2013 — admin