Who says peonies are only around for June? Well, in truth, most florists and gardeners who have any familiarity with peonies will agree. But thanks to the unique climate and growing conditions of Alaska, online flower shoppers now have the option to get peonies clear through to September! At Flower Explosion, we are happy to provide our customers with this solution to the limited season of the peony. Thanks to Alaska peonies, we are able to offer this lush, striking flower well beyond its traditional season.
Peonies are a breathtaking flower at any time of the year. Brides love peonies in their bouquets because, as fresh cut flowers go, peonies are the perfect choice for a do-it-yourself wedding. Their blooms are similar to roses in appearance, but the increased diameter of the bloom sets them apart from roses making them unmatched in their singularity. The deeply lobed, compound leaf patterns in the blooms allow the peony to serve as the sole item necessary for a full bouquet. Fillers, of course, may be added to any peony bouquet or centerpiece, but these full blooms more than do the job all on their own.
The unfortunate news about peonies is that they usually only bloom for 10 days at the end of May and then through the month of June. But with Alaska peonies, the long, cool climate of Alaska allows for a growing season that extends through August and even September, providing peonies for markets such as ours.

So check out our many options and varieties of Alaska Peonies and place your order as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to enjoy this beautiful flower clear into fall! For more information please visit www.flowerexplosion.com.
June 17, 2013 — admin