Every bride desires to have a gorgeous and unique wedding. All aspects of the wedding planning reflect the bride and grooms personality and style. If you are a vital and fun individual, our new rainbow tinted spider mums are perfect for your wedding.
Spider chrysanthemums are a popular alternative for bridal bouquets and decorations, and in China, where the flower originates, they represent liveliness. A chrysanthemum of any kind represents honorableness in China—yet another reason to have them as a part of a wedding or anniversary party. As a reputable online florist, Flower Explosion, carries Spider Mums in a number of colors, with the Rainbow Tinted versions being the liveliest of them all!
Wedding centerpieces made out of these breathtaking blooms are sure to be the talk of any reception, and because the blooms are so large and sturdy, no fillers are needed when designing centerpieces and bouquets out of these fresh cut flowers. Not only can they be used for weddings but Spider Mums make great decorations for any occasion, whether it is a birthday party, a Fourth of July party, or a fundraising event. They infuse a room with a sense of play and joy because of their almost irreverent appearance.
Chrysanthemums of this nature have long, spindle-like petals that cascade out like a firework. They've earned their nickname—Spider Mums—because of these long spindles. They are also known as Disbud Chrysanthemums, and because of their large size – almost 4 inches in diameter sometimes – they're perfect for table centerpieces and full bouquets.
At Flower Explosion, we have managed to perfect our state-of-the-art flower tinting technique to deliver the most vibrant color imaginable to our Spider Mums. We are constantly seeking to introduce new products to our site so our customers can fulfill all of their online flower shopping needs in one place, and the addition of this fun, new product is no exception. For more information about our Rainbow Tinted Spider Mums please visit http://www.flowerexplosion.com/by-flower/mums/spider-mums/rainbow-spider.html.
June 24, 2013 — admin