Tulips are beautiful and fun flowers, but they are sometimes misunderstood. Often when people think of tulips, traditional Dutch tulips come to mind. And although the Dutch variety are certainly lovely, they are certainly not the end of the road as far as tulips are concerned. Some of the most popular fresh tulips today include French tulips and Parrot tulips. These awesome tulip varieties can bring a pop of color in a mixed arrangement, or create stunning single flower type bouquet.
Parrots, French and Dutch – What’s the Difference
Don’t have your tulip lingo down? Here’s some guidance to help you better understand the differences between these varieties.
Dutch Tulips – believe it or not, tulips actually originated in Turkey. But somehow, their popularity exploded in Holland and became the trademark of all things Dutch. The Dutch tulip is the most common flower and has a display of six, fairly uniform petals. They are often single colored, although some multicolored varieties are available. These tulips are the most common variety sold.
French Tulips – the Dutch tulip’s larger cousin, the French tulip has longer stems and larger blossoms, making them great for larger displays.
Parrot Tulips – definitely the dressiest of the tulips, these always have frilly edges and usually have some form of variegation to them. They are very showy in bouquets, and their brilliant colors can definitely steal the show.
Bouquets of Tulips
All tulips, whether you go for Parrot tulips or the more traditional varieties, make excellent flowers for bouquets and arrangements. Tulips are unique in the fact that they continue to grow after they are cut, so be sure to keep that in mind when you are arranging! Flower Explosion offers the best Tulips for any special occasion. For the freshest variety of tulips, please visit www.flowerexplosion.com.