Pop Question: what is the most popular flower for weddings? If you didn’t say the hydrangea flower , then you might just be behind the times. While the rose is often thought of as the quintessential wedding flower, hydrangeas certainly vie for popularity. And with good reason, from the classic pale blue of traditional varieties, to the lavish heads of jumbo hydrangeas, and the multi-color variety of tinted hydrangeas , these amazing bundles of beauty lend themselves to a variety of wedding styles, venues, and colors. And the best part? Hydrangea flowers are available year round, meaning you don’t have to schedule your wedding around this beautiful flower.
Time-Honored Beauty
Although the modern tinted hydrangeas are obviously newer to the floral scene, hydrangea flowers have been cultivated for centuries. Originally from both eastern and southern Asia (particularly Japan), these lush blooms are also native to the Americas. Hydrangeas were first brought to Europe from America in the 1700’s and quickly grew to be a well-loved flower. Tradition holds that hydrangeas mean heartfelt emotions, something that is certainly abundant on a wedding day. Today, hydrangeas’ showy blossoms still adorn mantels, altars, tea tables, and wedding décor around the world.
Showcasing Hydrangeas
With their sturdy, woody stems and sumptuous flower heads, jumbo hydrangeas are a great flower to choose as the mainstay of arrangements. They can be up to nine inches across, so they are definitely show stoppers! Hydrangea flowers of any size pair well with peonies, tulips, calla lilies, and, of course, roses. Part of the beauty of the hydrangea is the fact that its masses of delicate, star-shaped blooms can be pulled apart to fit into just about any bouquet, corsage, wristlet, or boutonniere.
Tinted hydrangeas have broadened the usefulness of this lovely flower by making it available in a far greater range of colors. Orange and yellow lend vibrant color to more tropical arrangements, or add perfect contrast in a mix of summer hues.
Hydrangea Trends
Blue is the most popular shade of hydrangea, whether in the traditional size or the more massive, jumbo hydrangeas. This shade of hydrangea is frequently paired with white or soft greens, and can look stunning with white calla lilies for a formal look, or gerbera daisies for a livelier look. Mini green hydrangeas are sweet in bouquets of pinks, and even jumbo hydrangeas come in green to add beautiful filler to various arrangements. Pink is available in both natural and tinted hydrangeas and we must not leave out both white and purple! All these varieties including natural, mini, jumbo, and custom-tinted premium hydrangeas and more are all available at www.flowerexplosion.com.