Gone are the days when everyone chooses a single rose color for a wedding. Today’s weddings often boast a wide range of colored fresh cut roses and as a result, florists need to be versatile enough to deal with the traditional, single color rose bouquet, as well as the more diverse blend of colors on hand. That’s what makes places like Flower Explosion so fantastic for your wedding and event needs. Getting wholesale roses used to mean a large order of a single color, but today you can create a custom mix of beautiful, fresh cut roses of diverse colors while still maintaining wholesale prices.
Mix and Match
Let’s say you need 200 roses for a wedding, but they need to be a mix of red and a variety of other colors. Does that mean wholesale roses are out of the question? The answer is no. Wholesale roses are certainly not limited to monochromatic choices, anymore. At Flower Explosion you can order custom mixed packs of fresh cut roses in your choice of colors. You just need a minimum of 25 for each color chosen. Want a mix of deep rust, pale peach, and a few two-toned roses? No problem, just specify how many bunches of each color you need and you will soon have beautiful, fresh cut flowers waiting on your doorstep, bursting with all the vibrant colors needed to make your event spectacular or that special bride very happy. While mixing and matching a variety of colors allows for lively and gorgeous arrangements, we still keep great deals for wholesale roses of the same color. The simplicity and elegance of red or white roses never fails to make a lasting impression.
At Flower Explosion we offer a variety of choices when it comes to roses for any special occasion. For more information about our bulk roses in combos please visit www.flowerexplosion.com.