Spring, in all its loveliness, cannot hold a candle to the brilliant array of summer color. While the pastels of spring still peek into summer, an abundance of farm fresh flowers, cheery fresh cut daisies , bold gerbera daisies, and rich hues of day lilies definitely dominate the scene. Add to those the sunflowers, tall spikey delphiniums, and the poofs of fresh pompoms and you will understand why summertime fresh cut flowers are truly a cause for celebration. Even the delicate appearance of the lisianthus is fortified by deep, jewel-tones of purple.
The Radiance of Summer
In days gone by, floral bouquets were often limited to more traditional offerings such as roses and the lively appearance of sunflowers while fresh cut daisies were limited to those with access to fields or gardens. Thankfully, all that has changed and farm fresh flowers along with other summer posies have made themselves welcome in all sorts of places from homes to offices, weddings, bridal showers, and birthdays.
Take for instance the regal delphiniums . Once considered too delicate for the ranks of fresh cut flowers these lovely spikes were only seen in English gardens, but are now often used in floral arrangements, adding a beautiful option when height is needed.
Fresh pompoms and the swirly petals of lisianthus are examples of other flowers that used to be limited to the garden and home bouquets. Today they make fashionable contributions to an assortment of wedding bouquets and other floral arrangements, bringing a pop of summer’s loveliest colors wherever they go.
Trending Summer Weddings
Speaking of tradition, go a few years back, and the sight of sunflowers at a wedding would have certainly caused a stir. Today, however, even celebrities like Nikki Reed sport them with style in their bouquets. Today’s summer weddings offer an exotic blend of farm fresh flowers, traditional roses, delightful fresh pompoms, all mixed and matched to create enchanting new styles.
Keep in mind that summer’s most vibrant fresh cut flowers are available from July to September, so grab some lisianthus, a spike or two of delphiniums, and start celebrating the glory of summer! To view our wide and beautiful selection of summer flowers please visit www.flowerexplosion.com.
July 30, 2013 — admin