One of the most popular flowers and an all-around favorite on the market today are Hydrangeas. Very rarely can you find another flower that offers such versatility. Whether used as a single flower type arrangement or mixed with other flowers, both jumbo hydrangeas and the more common sized stems offer fresh, summery looks to brighten your home decor, get well arrangements, or to outfit an entire wedding party.

Bring on the Color
A quickly dissipating myth is that hydrangea flowers only come in various shades of blue. Many people have learned that the natural color of the hydrangea does include some lovely blue hues, but can also include pink, white, and light green. Now, if those are not enough colors, enter the world of tinted hydrangeas. Here at Flower Explosion we can create just about any color of hydrangea you can imagine with our premium tinted hydrangeas . Mix and match colors to create a kaleidoscope of color, or pick the perfect color to match your wedding palate. Our premium hydrangeas are grown in the favorable climate of Columbia and shipped fresh, ensuring you will receive vibrant, healthy blooms that should last at least seven days.

Match Made in Heaven
So, what should you pair hydrangeas with? Today’s bouquets feature jumbo hydrangeas in a host of different arrangements. Arrangements with Hydrangeas alone are quite popular and can be a single color, such as all blue or all white, or a mix of colors such as pinks, greens, and purple. The Hydrangea flower also pairs well with a number of other flowers, roses being a popular choice, while white hydrangeas and pink roses also make a great combination. Of course, nothing is quite as heavenly as the clouds of blue hydrangeas with white roses and white calla lilies sprinkled in. Jumbo hydrangeas are versatile on their own, but tinted hydrangeas open up a whole new world of ideas. How do you like your hydrangeas?

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August 30, 2013 — admin