Whether you're celebrating your favorite holiday or just need some more vibrant colors in your life, tinted roses can be a great choice for home decoration or for festive parties and events.
There are a number of themed parties and holidays that specially-colored roses can be celebrated with, and we have picked five of our favorite holidays that they will help enhance.
Holidays are a great time to decorate your home and express your more festive side. Whether you want to throw the ultimate sports themed party, or want to ring in the New Year in style, you can find tinted roses that are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.
Follow our guide to throwing an awesome themed party with beautiful tinted roses:

  1. Saint Patrick’s Day- One of our favorite holidays and the perfect occasion for green tinted roses is Saint Patrick’s Day. From parade floats to your favorite pub; these beautiful green roses will be the perfect decoration for your Saint Patty’s day party. Grab a handful and head out the door with your “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirt on!

  1. The Fourth of July- Independence day is cause for celebration and most people love embracing the red, white, and blue. From beautiful float designs to home décor, spicing up your 4th of July celebration with tinted roses can be a great way to embrace your patriotic spirit.

  1. Halloween- Whether you want to have the best haunted house on your block, or impress your romantic interest before you head out to your yearly Halloween celebration, orange and black roses are a great way to embrace your spooky side.

  1. Valentines Day- Every woman on the planet has gotten red roses for Valentines Day, as they are a classic and beautiful gift. However if you want to think outside the box this February try some classically cool black and red tinted roses. You can never go wrong with traditional red roses, but if the love of your life is a little more rock and roll, then give these roses a shot.

black and red roses
  1. Christmas Holidays- It wouldn’t be the holiday season without beautiful flower arrangements, and Christmas tinted roses are a great way to get you in the Christmas spirit. Supplementing red and white roses with rainbow-colored roses will help the holidays come alive at your home or holiday party.

No matter what your celebration entails, you can find tinted roses that will match your theme. Not only do we already sell a number of themed tinted rose options, we also make custom tinted roses, so make sure to contact us today so Flower Explosion can make your next holiday or themed party a hit!
February 05, 2015 — admin