There are many options when it comes to fresh cut roses, but if sales are an indicator of popularity, then there’s no question that Ecuadorian roses remain the world’s favorite. Each year Ecuador produces around 500 million blooms, and more than two-thirds of those are exported to the United States. They are brides’ first choice as they are for florists and virtually anyone who wants to be fascinated by these gorgeous blooms of Ecuador.

Their Worth

The last few years have brought a boom in roses from Colombia and Kenya, and many of these blooms are less expensive than the higher quality Ecuadorian rose. One may think that this would decrease the demand for Ecuadorian roses, but this has not been the case. Ecuadorian rose remains the top seller throughout the country – and the world.

The Secret

Despite the fact that Ecuadorian roses aren’t the most inexpensive options on the market, they still offer the best value. Their vase-life is considerably longer than many of the top competitors, which is a huge draw for many satisfied customers. Customers who value quality are much happier to go the extra mile for fresh cut roses that they will be able to enjoy longer.
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Strength From Within

These beautiful roses are timeless and bring a great aroma to any room, but that’s not all – they’re also incredibly strong. This is the result of their extra-long and thick stems, which are the product of being grown in an optimal geographic region. At over 9,500 feet above sea level, they’re grown close enough to the sun to strengthen and elongate their stems, but not high enough to be subject to the snow that can be a problem.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Ecuadorian fresh cut roses come in dozens of options including natural, deep red, and bright tinted colors. At Flower Explosion, we sell these high quality fragrant roses in bunches of 25 to 200 stems and offer wholesale discounts as well. For more information about our beautiful Ecuadorian roses please visit our website.
October 25, 2013 — admin