When it comes to rose petals, the abundance and choice of styles and colors are endless. Fresh rose petals bring such a delightful ambiance to any occasion and although typically thought of as wedding flowers, wholesale fresh rose petals have made their debut at a wealth of venues including banquets, baby showers, anniversaries, and just about any other event where a touch of nature’s finest enchantment is needed.

Baby Shower Delights
Delicate pink fresh rose petals are the perfect accompaniment for a sweet little girl’s baby shower, but did you know you can also get them in pale blue for a little boy? Actually, with the ability to have wholesale fresh rose petals tinted, you can have just about any color you can imagine! Planning a themed party? Sprinkling a variety of petals to match the color scheme adds a unique and simple touch to any party.

Banquets and Anniversaries
Of course fresh rose petals branch out from their role as wedding flowers often at banquets and anniversary parties. Whether strewn about on tables, or incorporated into another design of your choice, petals are always an easy but stunning way to decorate. With rose petals, the possibilities are endless.

Get in on the Fun
If you are inspired to add wholesale fresh rose petals to your wedding flowers, baby shower, or other event, keep in mind that the sky’s the limit on color options. Mix and match your favorite natural colors, or have them custom tinted to get that perfect match. Whatever you choose, the petals will surely be the perfect addition for your setting. To order your perfect batch of rose petals please visit flowerexplosion.com or contact us at 866.639.0277 with any questions.

August 08, 2013 — admin