Have you ever walked into a garden and been completely overcome by the intoxicating aroma of roses? If so, you probably know that the common red roses that have become the iconic image of florists is not the source of such sensory delights. Although the traditional red rose is undeniably beautiful, once you have met true garden roses, your appreciation for roses will never be the same. Often called David Austin roses and English roses, these lovely roses have enchanted lovers long before the hybrid tea rose made its debut. And today, Flower Explosion makes it possible for you to bring the charm of English gardens into your wedding flowers.

The Garden Rose

Imagine walking through the English countryside taking in the sights and sounds. Suddenly, a sweet fragrance arouses your senses and you turn to discover a quaint Tudor home, nearly covered by English Ivy, and surrounded by the most delicate, beautiful roses you have ever seen. Welcome to the world of the garden rose. Breathe deeply and imagine your wedding bouquets filled with these multi-petal blossoms. With a long history of love and lore, garden roses have adorned the heads of maidens for centuries. These roses make wonderful wedding flowers, and differ from the more common wedding roses in a number of ways:

More petals – English roses have many, many more petals than the common hybrid rose.
Softer Bloom- Garden roses have more delicate structure compared to the more stiff petals of the hybrid.
Pastels – these roses tend to fill a large palette of colors, but all in more subtle shades.

Vintage to Modern
Many brides who are choosing a vintage theme for their wedding choose David Austin type roses for their wedding bouquets, due to that classic garden look. Wedding roses can be such a defining part of the whole ceremony, speaking the language of love, and making a statement about who you are. And although English roses can display the vintage theme very well, they can certainly adapt to a number of different styles as well.

Pairing Up
Wondering what wedding flowers look best with these lovely roses? Many wedding bouquets featuring English style roses focus on complimentary pastel colors. Hydrangeas can be a bit over powering, but if you use smaller heads, or divide the heads, they make a great complement to the already beautiful garden roses. Lily of the valleys, forget-me-nots, and stock are all wonderful partners in wedding bouquets . In fact, for truly intoxicating wedding flowers, consider pairing your English roses with the sweet-smelling stock: truly a winning combination! So, when you are planning your wedding roses, don’t forget to take a trip to the English countryside, if only through your bouquets!