Dark Purple/ Burgundy Flowers

Burgundy is a dark red and purple color associated with the Burgundy wine of the same name. The color gets its name from the Burgundy region of France where the wine is produced. The color burgundy is similar to other shades of dark red and purple such as maroon, cordovan, and oxblood, but differs from each of these in subtle ways. A mysterious color, it is associated with both nobility and spirituality.

Dark purple flowers and burgundy flowers go perfectly with neutral tans or beige. The combination creates an earthy, conservative color combination with a touch of the mystery that purple provides. Try red carnation, cream rose, fern and berry for a natural and earthy bouquet.

Use any combination of our flowers to create a vide variety of burgundy bouquets. All our dark purple flowers, burgundy color flower and deep purple flowers are grown in the Andes foothills that enjoy 350-plus days of sunshine. When it comes to premium flower delivery Flower Explosion has one of the quickest times from cut-to-customer in the industry.

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