Edible Roses

Edible roses are the new rage in haute cuisine, gracing home and restaurant kitchens around the world. With their powerful and unique flavors, textures and colors, edible roses add taste, aroma, and color to any dish. Use them as part of a main dish, a salad, a dessert or add them as a garnish.
Flower Explosion sells only fresh organic edible flowers. Our rose petals are harvested early in the day for the freshest taste, and, of course, have never been treated with pesticides or other chemicals. Grown in the Andes foothills and enjoying 350-plus days our roses are grown to maturity in the best conditions and are of the highest quality. This translates to the best tasting edible flowers for sale you will find, anywhere!
Bake Strawberry Rose Cupcakes, easily prepare candied Rose Petals or impress your friends by serving Yogurt Honey Jelly with Strawberries and Roses. Our organic edible flowers are the perfect way to garnish your next culinary creation by adding flavor, color, texture and pizazz!
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