Lavender/ Light Purple Flowers

Purple is the combination of the calm, strength and stability of blue, and the fiery emotion and fierce energy of red. It is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Lavender flowers and light purple flowers specifically are considered something delicate and precious. They are used to symbolize decadence. For some light purple ideas, try pink with lavender flower for something very feminine. Minty green with lavender creates a Springtime look and blues with lavender are calm and sophisticated combination for lavender bouquets. Use lavender as a rustic wedding boutonniere for guys or create a simple and wild bouquet of Baby's breath and lavender. Use a single lavender flower to as a elegant groomsman's boutonniere.

Lavender color flowers communicate refinement, grace, elegance, and something special. While purple is the color of royalty and nobility, lavender and light purples are the colors of femininity.

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