Snapdragon By type

The name of the Snapdragon flower comes from their jaw-like petals that resemble the jaws of a Chinese dragon. Snapdragons make wonderful additions to multicolored and single color mixed bouquets or wedding centerpieces.
They are frequently used supporting other flowers in a wide variety of bouquet and arrangement designs. Their length and line shape help them add a truly unique dimension to any table centerpiece.

Wholesale Snapdragon Flowers

Snapdragon flowers are available in almost all the desired colors which make them a wonderful flower to have in mixed arrangements, as they are easy to fit with any theme or style. Colors of the snapdragon include pink, purple, lavender, white, yellow, orange, and burgundy.
As cut flowers they are an excellent choice because they have a vase life of 5-16 days. A special care tip: Snapdragons are fairly heavy drinkers, so check water level frequently.

Flower Explosion snapdragons for sale never sit in a wholesaler’s warehouse. They are shipped via state-of-the-art cold storage, as soon as they are picked, direct to your door—or wherever you specify. Remember to see our wide variety of colors and schedule your delivery two days prior to your event to allow sufficient time to hydrate your flowers.

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