When buying fresh-cut roses, everyone looks for two things: freshness and price. Usually, people go to local flower markets looking for cheap fresh flowers, but are there other ways to obtain quality products at low prices?
First, it is true that you may find cheaper roses and flowers outside major US airports, especially in Miami, L.A. and New York. That is because those flowers are part of what are called “standing orders.” Basically, there are huge freight corporations that buy thousands of flowers weekly and distribute them at supermarkets, other wholesalers and what is left usually goes to the so called “flower markets” for less. Then, minor wholesalers and retailers buy those flowers and resell them to the next customer.
The variety of flowers that are bought depends exclusively on the choice of the freight corporation, and by the time a final customer gets those bulk flowers, at least 6 days have passed since they were cut. So even if the flowers look fresh, now you know they are a bit old.
Then, there is a modern cost-effective way to get flowers that are in fact fresh and premium quality: buying them directly from the growers in South America, or Europe and have your flowers delivered at your door in 72 hours. Think about it, shipping charges may be higher, but in the end, you will end up paying the same for fresher flowers because the are no middlemen involved.
So, what is the future of flower markets? Buying fresh-cut & cut-to-order flowers directly from the farm.
June 18, 2010 — admin