I was struck a couple of years ago by the impact wholesale fresh flowers can have at a formal occasion.
This is what happened. My mother spent a few years as a girl in a tiny country settlement, now long disappeared. I have a friend from my school days who today lives nearby, so he knew my mother and was aware of her connection to what is now an empty, unused, overgrown area of scrub land on a backwater country road.
The day before her funeral, my friend come to our house with armfuls of magnificent wild burnt-orange lillies he had picked that morning from the very area where my mother's little wooden house had once been. The flowers took up a whole corner of the room and looked absolutely stunning. My friend's kindness really struck a chord with my sisters and I.
But it also made me realize that a large quantity of flowers can make a dramatic impact in a room. So, for example, while you can cut costs at a wedding by buying a few wholesale fresh flowers and arranging your own floral pieces at the church and reception venue, you could also decide to spend the same money you would outlay on a florist, but personally buy your wedding flowers wholesale and fill up an area of the church or a corner of the reception hall with more blooms than would possibly get by hiring a florist.
Massed flowers give a wonderful boost to a wedding, or a formal corporate or academic occasion.
June 25, 2010 — admin