When the time to choose your wedding flowers has come, you may realize that there are hundreds of options. This quick guide talks about the main factors that you should take in consideration in order to choose the best wedding flowers, specifically roses.
1. Choose the main flower: Roses are the preferred floral choice for weddings worldwide, however there are other gorgeous options as well, such as Garden roses (they have a larger bud and are more fragrant, similar to Peonies), Mini-Callas, Carnations or Lilies.

2. Tulips are from Holland, Roses are from Ecuador, as simple as that. It is your wedding, so if you chose to get roses, they have to be the best roses. Colombian roses are also fine, however Ecuadorian farms are the worldwide leaders of the industry.

3. The size of the bloom also depends on the length. Regardless the rose variety that you want, if you want them to have a big bud, their stem should 60cm / 23in or more.

4. The Color: It is not just the color of the roses. Check if their color combines with the laces of the bouquets, your dress, the tables, etc.

5. Have your flowers delivered 2 days prior the wedding. If you ordered the roses directly from the farm, you should know that they need at least 48 hours to rehydrate and bloom.
    June 03, 2010 — admin