Fresh cut flowers are the Mercedes-Benz of weddings and special events.
You will find them whenever people put on their best clothes and go to one of those occasions where the guest list is carefully limited and the venue is deliberately staged to look sumptuous.
Fresh flowers have a way of finishing off all the other decorating efforts in the venue, and focusing people on beauty and poise. They are an essential. So they often do not come cheap.
At my own daughter's wedding she carried a bouquet of fresh white wedding roses through day. They were magnificent from the moment her bride's maids opened the long box they came in, and were still striking late that night as the wedding reception ended.
But the season's flowers are also abundant, by the very nature of things, and so market forces tend to push prices down to some extent. I guess this also makes fresh flowers a workhorse of festive gatherings.
Put a small bowl of flowers on a table and immediately the room is enhanced by the simple power and attraction flowers give.
What fresh flowers are your current favorites for a small event? Let me know in the comment box . I'm interested.
Personally, I am most taken with peony roses. We have mauve at one place in our own home garden, and pale cream in another. They are a real favorite of mine. Although they do not last very long when cut.
June 02, 2010 — admin