Nothing says “fancy” quite like a chandelier. A classy, epic look that’s sure to draw the eye. But when it’s made with flowers, it’s a combination that’s even more memorable. One that guests will be talking about for weeks to come.
DIY Flower Chandelier Outdoors
But even though it comes out looking expensive and extravagant, the flower chandelier is an easy craft you can make right in your very own home. All it takes is a few supplies and you can be well on your way to upping the creativity level. Adding a bit to umph to any dining room table or outdoor barbeque event.
It’s perfect for photo opps too!

Flower Chandelier Supplies

Flower Chandelier Supplies
  • Foam floral ring (ours is a 10” ring – they can be purchased in larger or smaller sizes)
  • Ribbon or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Jewels or other décor
  • Flowers of choice
  • Push pins (optional)

Start: Flowers & Foam

Start by picking out the types of flowers you want – size and color will have a heavy impact here. We used Tinted Roses and Gerbera Daisies for a fun, funky look. Keep in mind that, since this will be hanging, it can get fairly heavy and should be treated with care.

Wrap Floral Foam
We started by wrapping the foam in gray yarn to hide the Styrofoam. This step is optional, but creates a more finished and polished look overall. Ribbon is another choice to finish off, as is paint or glitter.

Add Flowers

Once the ring is covered, start placing flowers. Gain a general layout for a pattern, or just dive in. It’s up to you! Stems will need to be extremely short – about 1-2 inches each, so they don’t poke through the entire ring. (If you do do this, don’t worry, just take out the excess Styrofoam that pushed through and re-cover with yarn or ribbon.)
Attach Tinted Roses & Gerberas
Move yarn to expose fresh Styrofoam for easy placement and start pushing stems through. The roses have a fairly sturdy stem and are easy to stab in with a strong hold. The gerbera stems are slightly more flimsy and required a hole to be punched through with scissors. Small pushpins can also be used to hold them into place. (Especially when putting on the side of the ring, with gravity further pulling them down.)
If recreating this look, we’d suggest swapping the roses for the bottom layer, just to ensure everything stays put.
Continue around the ring until satisfied. Follow a strict pattern or mix and match as you desire. Flowers can be placed at random to hide blank spots or further apart to incorporate décor; the overall look is up to you!

Attach Ribbon

Attach Ribbon to Floral Chandlier
Once you’re satisfied with the flowers, it’s time to attach ribbon for hanging. We tied ours in four anchor locations, with two sets of ribbon from which it could hang, in order to help keep it even. You can adjust this method as needed, or even leave off for a ring that sits on a flat surface.

Attach Beads

Beads on Floral Chandelier
Finally, it’s time to hang beads for an added touch. Drape over flowers, or string throughout to create a desired look. Embellishments such as jewels can also be added to help reflect light.

Hang & Enjoy Your Flower Chandelier

DIY Flower Chandelier: Completed
Your flower chandelier is now complete! Make it last by storing in the fridge until ready for use, or hang immediately. With something this beautiful, it’s hard to keep it locked behind a closed door!
Display and let the world gaze upon your impressive creation.
Text by: Bethaney Wallace, Flower Explosion Contributor
Photos by: Megan Thornton of Demiurge Photography, Flower Explosion Contributor
June 03, 2015 — Mark Kubala