Creating flower arrangements is truly an art form and even the smallest of details must be carefully considered. Filler flowers may seem to some as an afterthought thrown in at the last minute, but choosing the right fillers is as important as choosing the stars of the bouquet.

Babys Breath
For many people, the Babys Breath flower is the first filler that pops into mind – and for good reason. They provide plenty of volume to an arrangement, they have an especially long vase life, they’re available all year long, and they come in several varieties, and they’re affordable. Flower Explosion offers three types of Baby’s Breath: Million Star Gypso, Mirabella Gypso, and New Love Gypso. As is true of all our flowers, the more you buy the lower the price per bunch!

Leather Leaf Filler
Online florists commonly use leather leaf filler in bouquets or arrangements when they want a touch of green. These sleek, deep green leaves have a long vase life, are affordable, and offer a classic look to any bouquet. They’re a perfect addition that will match an arrangement with a darker tone, or to add depth to a light arrangement.

You may know Hypericum by one of many names including St. John’s Wart or Tutsan. Whatever name it goes by, this plant is beautiful, long-lasting and durable. Each stem has between 12 and 14 beautiful berries that are begging to be picked. We offer several color options including red, yellow, peach, green, and pink.

Many filler flowers are used to add depth and substance, but some, like the Limonium, add a whole lot more. These are bright, wispy stalks just bursting with flowers. Every stem has hundreds of tiny flowers, and they’re available in a wide range of colors including white, pink, yellow, dark blue, and light blue.

Bells of Ireland
If you want a truly unique bouquet then you might choose a filler like Bells of Ireland, these green stalks are covered in tiny bell-shaped flowers. Some say they look like tiny cabbages, some hear church bells whenever they see them. One thing’s for sure: These are unique, fun, festive flowers that add a special touch to any bouquet.

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September 24, 2013 — admin