There’s nothing quite like the fresh smell and unique beauty of fresh lilies, but choosing from among the many varieties can be a challenge! There are three main options: Oriental, Asiatic and hybrids. Each has its own rich history and unique advantages.

Size – The Main Difference

Size is the biggest difference between these fresh cut lilies. Orientals are the largest, about the size of a dinner plate, and are often featured as the centerpiece of a small arrangement or can be set together in larger arrangement. The smaller Asiatic and hybrid lilies are often used in bridal bouquets or set with a variety of other flowers to create a gorgeous mixed bouquet.
There are differences in the way the various lilies bloom as well. The Asiatic blooms face upward from the center, while the blooms of hybrid lilies face outward. When set together the differences are hardly noticeable, but the unique blooming direction of each flower can add a unique depth to a flower arrangement.


Asiatic Options Abound

Flower Explosion offers a wide range of Asiatic lily options. Solid color choices include classic white, bright orange, yellow, and red. Terracotta is a beautiful mixture of reds and oranges, and our pink and white combo is a great spring choice. These flowers have a vase life of up to 12 days, and come in bunches of 10 stems with up to five blooms on each stem.

The Unique Hybrid Lily

The hybrid lily combines the best of both the Asiatic and Oriental lily, and many of the varieties include speckles and blends of numerous colors. We currently offer cherry pink, a combination of light pink and white, bright white, deep red, and bright orange.

The Largest of Them All – Oriental Lilies

Not only are Oriental lilies the largest in size, but they’re also the most fragrant. Like the others, vase life ranges between 8 to 12 days when they’re properly hydrated. We have a variety of fresh Oriental lilies including bright white, light pink, and hot pink.

No matter which variety you chose, lilies provide a beautiful touch to any arrangement. Visit our online store to find out more about our wide range of gorgeous fresh lilies and more!

October 10, 2013 — admin