Flowers are a must-have decorating article in your home at Christmas. Besides bringing a natural feel to a room, flowers can also create a great theme for any type of event, especially during Christmas Day.

So, if you wonder which are the most popular flowers for Christmas, here we present you Flower Explosion's top 5 Christmas Flowers for 2013.

5. Carnations: They come in all sorts of colours making them perfect for Christmas. Reds and whites look fantastic combined together. Carnations are cheaper than roses, yet elegant enough for this type of event.
4. Cymbidium Orchids: If you want to move away from the traditional green and red color scheme, then orchids are perfect. These exotic booms can be used in a clear vase without nothing else and still be a total strike.
3. White Mini Callas: These elegant flowers may be combined with red or green accents in order to create minimalistic and elegant Christmas decorations. If you want to take the stylish rode, mini callas are definitely the answer.
2. Chrisantemums: White, Green and Red Chrisantemums look just perfect for a Christmas table. Their size and rounded shape make this an affordable and beautiful option for an arrangement.
1. Red roses: The all times favorite Christmas bloom, they are easy to combine with any greenery and can fit any type of event. Be it a romantic Christmas evening, a corporate dinner or a family reunion.
December 12, 2013 — admin