When it comes to roses, there are dozens and dozens of options to choose from: tinted rose, fresh black roses, blue roses, etc. but no other compares to the uniqueness of the Terracotta rose. With its distinctive burnt orange petals, and mesmerizing cup-shaped bloom edged with graceful lines, this rose is perfect for a wedding bouquet.
The Popularity of Terracotta Roses
These unique roses are popular for several reasons. Their blooms are elegant, classic, and dramatic. Their flower heads are full, which help create luxurious wedding bouquets. The color is a rich orange/brick red with hints of cream underlying the petals, and even shades of brown and burgundy. You won’t find a simple color palate with these beauties! Instead, a mixture of complex colors are seemingly whirled together to create a cohesive terracotta color that’s unlike any other.
Coffee Break Wedding Roses
The Coffee Break Rose is similar to the Terracotta Rose in shape, but with its own special richness. It’s a true bi-color rose, with dark orange petals and bright, deep red edges. Like the Terracotta, this rose is so popular partially due to its large bloom size. When the bloom opens, the colors come together to create the perfect image of a dark, elegant, classic rose.
Choosing Between Terracotta and Coffee Break Wedding Flowers Online
Deciding between these two gorgeous favorites can be tough, because it largely comes down to personal preference. Both flowers are similar in size and in the shape of their bloom, though the Estelle Terracotta Rose is darker than the Coffee Break Rose. These dark, warm colors are especially inviting in the winter months.
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