At Flower Explosion we have a wonderful range of orchids, some of them producing 22 blooms on a single stem. And while roses are traditionally carried by a bride on her wedding day, orchids are also used, so let's have a quick look at where they come from. Take the imported orchids, for example.  Over $11 million worth of orchids are brought in to the US from foreign growers each year. Most of them are coming here from Thailand these days. And around 60 percent of total orchid imports came from Bangkok last year. But other countries also supply the US market, so I notice that New Zealand send in almost 10 percent of the 2009 orchid import total. Orchids will always look stunning, both in wedding flower bouquets and also in small arrangements on wedding reception tables. So consider using them in your wedding, since the price of quality orchids is being set by wages in Thailand, where salaries are modest compared to ours, and wholesalers and florists should be passing on these savings to you.
September 28, 2010 — admin